When you work as a freelancer you’re accountable for promoting yourself, improving your skills and maintaining the drive needed to create high-quality work that will keep the cash coming in. The advantage of this type of work for freelance developers, designers writers, photographers, and designers is the possibility to have the flexibility of your schedule and work from home as you’d like. However, the downside is that creative people thrive when they are able to interact with other professionals in their field . They also get to exchange ideas.

If you do not work with an internal team, it’s an excellent idea to utilize your Internet in your favor. You can also follow the blogs of your fellow freelancers to keep up-to-date in your area of expertise. Here’s a list 10 blogs that every freelancer must be following if they are looking to have the best chance of success.

Blogs for Freelancers – 1. Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon blogs as a writer from Austin, Texas who writes and draws. He was named to the New York Times bestselling author list thanks to his trilogy of illustrated works Steal Like an Artist, Newspaper Blackout,and Show Your Work!. His blog aids freelance artists to discover their own abilities and use these talents to benefit. A review in The Atlantic described him as “positively one of the most interesting people on the Internet.” Read ” 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered.”

2. Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union is intended to inform freelancers about the details of the business. This blog is particularly helpful during this time of the year , tax season, which is when freelancers are in a bind trying for a way they should declare their earnings and the amount of taxes they’ll have to pay. Check out ” 4 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Tax Season.”

3. A Better Lemonade Stand

An Improved Lemonade Stand aims to help new entrepreneurs enter the web-based e-commerce market and give you more information about the tools and resources needed to improve your online business and boost sales. Check out ” How to Get Your First 100 Sales.”

4. The Branded Solopreneur

The branded solopreneur market themselves as providing “Visual Strategies & Branding Badassery.” As freelancers, you could underestimate the importance of your brand and strategy for content. Check out ” 20 Visual Marketing Strategies to Help You Propel Your Brand.”

5. Just Creative Design

Jacob Cass is the man behind Just Creative Design the blog and design portfolio that showcases his work. Even if you’re not a designer, you can stand to benefit from learning about Jacob’s abilities to promote himself and navigate the freelance world. Check out ” How to Invoice Effectively to Avoid Poor Cash Flow.”

6. Minterest

Minterest is a blog that concentrates on relevant information to the field of digital marketing and technology. If you’re trying to improve your skills in marketing then this is the site to be. Check out ” How to Write a Perfectly Optimized Blog Post.”

7. Guerrilla Freelance

Guerrilla Freelancing provides the following, “Bullshit-Free Business Growth Advice.” If you’re seeking motivation to learn how to become more resilient in your freelance career, to work more hard, and stand out from the competitors, take a look at ” Dare to be Different: A Guerrilla Freelancer’s Manifesto.”

8. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to know how to earn money as professional blogger. If you’re trying to make your blog stand out read ” 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Without Relying on Google Traffic.”

9. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a very useful blog for freelancers who struggle to maintain their stress levels as well as their sanity under control. It requires tremendous self-discipline as well as determination. Check out ” 3 Small Discipline Habits You Can Train.

10. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is determined to assist you write quality content and create an effective content marketing strategy which is crucial for those who want to be paid. Check out ” 53 Freelancing Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients, Cash, and Credibility.”


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